Founded in 2009

Lost Tribes Beverage produces unique and quality brews based on recipes of the Lost Tribes

2700 years ago ten of the twelve tribes were sent into exile, eventually settling across Africa, Europe, the Middle East and, Asia becoming known as the Lost Tribes. Legend has it that one day the tribes would return home bearing gifts. After much research, we’ve discovered that certain tribes have returned and hold unique brew recipes, using plants indigenous to their lands. Lost Tribes Beverage believes that these brews were the gifts that they were meant to bring home. Our mission is to locate the Lost Tribes and preserve their precious recipes by producing them on a mass scale. As a token of our appreciation for teaching us their recipes we are donating a percentage of our proceeds to help each of the tribes who have already returned and shared their recipes with us.

Tej is the Ethiopian tribal recipe dating back thousands of years. Legend has it that this recipe was one of the gifts given to King Solomon by the Queen of Sheba.

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