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About Us

Lost Tribes Beverage was founded in 2009 with a passion for innovative and dedicated brewing. We look beyond contemporary trends and call upon the wisdom of ancient brewing cultures. We resurrect lost recipes with precision and expertise, using the same ingredients as our forgotten ancestors. We honor the Lost Tribes by reviving their culture and flavor.

For almost 8000 years mankind has been creating alcoholic brews to raise a glass to a higher power or enliven the power within. Exacting craftsmen would develop brewing into an art form, becoming professionals revered by the community and receiving divine privilege from popular spiritual deities. While the social stature of the brew master endures, many recipes and techniques have unfortunately been lost to history; and it was from the discovery of such a lost brew that Lost Tribes was born.

On our travels through the ancient lands of Western Asia, we met a small community that had walked from Ethiopia to Israel, bringing with them long-forgotten wisdom and tradition. Along with this they had brought the recipe of a forgotten brew called Tej - the fabled gift to King Solomon from the Queen of Sheba. Under instruction in her family kitchen, an elderly woman taught us the process of its brewing, sharing the long-preserved and refined heritage to exact the brew to perfection.

Alongside the Lost Tribes range of inspired traditional beers sits the signature series [name?]. Comprised of resurrected brews that were previously lost to time, the signature series [name?] embodies the values and flavors of historyʼs brewing pioneers. In this way we honor the lost tribes that have not had the chance to tell their story, and those who inspire us when they share theirs. Assemble your tribe, raise a glass, and tell your story.

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