Tej - Honey Spirit                         (24 bottles per case)

Tej - Honey Spirit (24 bottles per case)

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Tej emerges from the Ancient Kingdom of
Kush in today's Northeast Africa with a 
flavor complexity that unites Old World 
brewing and New World drinking 
pleasures. This powerfully refreshing 
brew is crafted as a beer yet drinks much
like a wine. Hopped with gesho for a
full-bodied foundation, subtle layers of
fruit, spice and herbal aromas progress to
a warming finish. This distinguished and
potent Honey Brew creates a uniquely
mischievous buzz. Fermentation with
all-natural honey (partially sourced by our
farm in the Galilee) produces a rich amber
that is robustly fruity in character, with
hints of coriander, citrus fruits, licorice
and heather flowers.
Serve chilled, sip slowly.

Gluten Free - Kosher for Passover