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14% ABV

Gluten Free

Available in:

- Bottle -

- Case (12 Bottles) -

- 32 oz. Growler -

- 1/6 Barrel Keg -
Tej emerges from the Ancient Kingdom of Kush in today's Northeast Africa with a flavor complexity that unites Old World brewing & New World drinking pleasures. Born from the burning sands of the Nubian Desert, Tej is considered to be one of mankind's oldest alcoholic beverages. As the fabled gift from the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon, it has been the celebratory choice of kings since almost 1000 BCE. Today, Tej remains the kingly choice with which to raise one's glass to continue three millennia of venerable celebration. Gesho hopping offers not only a generous & compatible foundation from which the complex flavor profile emerges, but ensures a brew that is gluten-free & appealing to all. Gesho thrives on the fertile banks of natural streams to offer sustenance to local life. From this pristine existence emerges Tej. Fermentation with all-natural honey produces a beverage that is rich in color & robustly fruity in character. With hints of coriander, citrus fruits, licorice & heather flowers, Lost Tribes Tej presents a flavor complexity that is balanced by a suggestion of refreshing bitterness. The beguiling personality of this kingly brew is reinforced with a high alcohol content to create a genuine drinking experience & a mischievously good time. Serve chilled. Sip Slowly.
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